FLCC Jr Team Ladder

FLCC Jr Team Ladder Standings - July 20, 2019 (pdf)


Junior Team Ladder Rules and Procedures


  • The ladder will be set by coaches discretion.
  • Suggested times to play challenge matches are Mondays, Tues, Wed, Thurs, 1-2pm and after 5pm, Friday 8am-12pm, Sat 11-4pm, and Sun 8-4pm.
  • To be eligible to play finals for FLCC 16s players must attend at least 6 practices, and play 1 dual matches, and 2 challenge matches. 10s, 12s, and 14s must attend 6 practices, and play 2 dual matches, and 2 challenge matches.
  • All positions on the ladder will be ranked.
  • Positions 1-8 can challenge 2 spots above. Positions lower than number 8 can challenge up to 3 spots above but no higher than number 8. If you win everyone gets bumped down one spot.
  • Challenge match format is one set with regular scoring and tiebreak played at 6-6.
  • Challenge matches will not take place during practice.
  • Tennis staff is not required to be on court but can be available upon request to officiate if the match takes place during regularly scheduled tennis shop hours and they have no previous engagements or work duties.
  • You must sign up on the sign up list to play a challenge match.  Matches will be played on a first come first serve basis.
  • Players must notify the other player they would like to play a challenge match and the match must be approved by a pro.  You are not allowed to challenge a player if they already have a current challenge.  The challenge will be waitlisted and played pending the results of the current match.
  • Players are required to accept all challenge matches and play within 4 days barring extenuating circumstances as approved by head pro
  • If a player is challenged the challenge must be approved by the pro and played with in 4 days unless frozen, (if a time is not agreed upon between players the lower ranked player wins the match)
  • Players must have at least 4 days to complete a challenge match. The first day is the day they are challenged, as long as the time is before 12pm. If it is after 12pm the following day counts as the first day.  (If a vm is left or text is sent before 12pm and this can be verified, that will be counted as the first day). If a player is challenged within 4 days of them being frozen they do not have to accept the challenge.
  • Position on the ladder is frozen if player is gone and excused by the coach. This means this player can't be challenged for the time they are frozen. You will not be allowed to be frozen if you are trying to save your spot without a legitimate reason.
  • You are not allowed to jump a frozen player in ladder positions 1-8 and challenge 3 spots up.  Further down the ladder you can jump a frozen player and if you win everyone will be bumped down one spot including the frozen player. Example: Player #11 is frozen and #12 challenges #9 and wins.  Player 12 becomes #9, 9 to 10,10 to 11, and 11 to 12 even though they are frozen from being challenged. We don't think it is fair for number 11 to not move. That would mean a player who is not frozen (#10) would move down two spots even though they didn't even play a match.  We don't think it is fair for a player who is not frozen to essentially penalized for being present at practice when someone else isn't. 
  • If a player is to be frozen the player must let the head pro know one week in advance. If a player is going to be gone longer than a week they are required to give the head pro as many days notice before they are leaving as they will be gone.  For example if you are going to be gone for ten days, you must give the pro at least ten days notice.
  • A list of frozen players and dates will be posted outside the clubhouse and on the website.  
  • The end date to challenge someone is Tuesday, July 23rd, the final challenge matches can take place on July 26th.  Players are not required to accept challenge matches after July 23rd.
  • Players can be frozen July 19th - July 26th only if they have completed the finals eligibility requirements
  • The finals lineup will be set by the final ladder order and coaches discretion.  For example if the number 3 player has challenged the number 1 player 3 times and lost all three times but the last week they win and become the number 2 player they will finish the season as the number 2 player. No exceptions will be made regardless of head to head record or circumstances.
  • Dodging challenge matches will not be tolerated and the head pro reserves the right to set the lineup as he sees fit.
  • Issues and problems will be solved at coaches discretion


Challenge Ladder Goals and Expectations


Our goal with the jr tennis program at FLCC is to improve our players not only as tennis players but also as individuals. The challenge ladder has several goals in itself. First, we are trying to encourage our players to play a lot of matches. There is no better way to improve your match play than to actually play a lot of matches. We believe that 50% of the time players spend on court should be spent playing matches. It really is the best way to improve the mental game. Second, we are using the challenge ladder to provide a fair way of deciding which players get to play in Interclub finals. As long as all players satisfy the minimum requirements they are all equal in our eyes. The top players in each age group will get to play in finals. We plan on using as many players as possible in our finals lineup.  We believe it is more important to spread the fun and experience out among more players than it is to try and stack the lineup and win the tournament.

We have certain expectations of our players during the challenge match process. Players are expected to treat other players with respect, dignity, and maintain good sportsmanship. This means accepting and playing all challenge matches, trying your best, and accepting the outcome, no matter the result. Challenge ladder match play is a learning tool for players as well. Sometimes outside and uncontrollable circumstances that may effect your level of play. Part of being a good tennis player is realizing every time you step on the court you are not going to have your "A game". Being able to fight through it, or move past it if you lose, without complaining or making excuses is a huge part of becoming not only a better player but also a better person. Losing is a part of the game and players need to learn losing is a good thing. They also need to learn how to lose graciously and use the loss as motivation. 

If the challenge ladder is to run smooth and fairly players need to follow the rules. Players should understand that if they don't follow the rules they will be dealt with accordingly and at the coaches discretion. Dodging challenge matches will not be tolerated and if the coach believes a player is dodging they will automatically lose the challenge match. The rules are fair and apply to everyone. They are to be understood and followed at all times so we can have the best opportunity for players to improve their tennis games and have a chance to play in Interclub Finals. We look forward to a great summer of Jr Tennis at FLCC!